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These three stunning wines went down a hit at the annual Decanter World Wine Awards! Being one of the worlds largest wine competitions we are so proud to have three of our entered wines bring [...]

This home grown, hand picked and family made Chardonnay is the latest addition to our wine list and we, the fifth generation, are proud to put our names on it! Below is the [...]

The Real Review saw two of our favourite wines bring home awards! Two of our Barrique Reserve range have added these awards to their repertoire! Our Barrique Reserve Chardonnay gained a silver medal, receiving 4 [...]

We have achieved highly in the eyes of Raymond Chan in recent weeks! With 3 of our entered wines receiving 4-star ratings, our Barrique Reserve Chardonnay, Our Tribute Merlot | Malbec and our Estate Range [...]

Our wines really took off at the Air New Zealand Wine Awards. We had a fantastic time being a part of the competition and even came out with a couple awards! Our Barrique Reserve Chardonnay [...]

Another successful year at the Royal Easter Show for us here at Soljans. Our Fusion Sparkling Muscat scored itself a Gold Medal! Our Legacy Méthode Traditionelle and our Barrique Reserve Chardonnay both earnt themselves Bronze [...]

  As awards season comes back around we have come away quite decorated this year. First up we had the privilege to place with two of our fusion range. Our Fusion Sparkling Muscat earned yet another [...]

Once again we had the privilege to take part in the International Wine and Spirits Competition, and once again our stunning wines did not let us down. Our Fusion Sparkling Muscat earned a Silver Medal [...]

This year at the Decanter World Wine Awards our wines really did us proud. Our Merlot | Cabernet | Malbec came home with a Silver Medal Our Fusion Sparkling Muscat and our Tribute Merlot | [...]

We have been entering our wines in the Decanter Wine Awards for years now and every year we enjoy it just a little more than the last. This year four of our wines received medals. [...]